DOMESTIC violence campaigner Eve Thomas is calling for support from all political parties to sign her Eve’s Law Early Day Motion after shadow justice secretary Dan Jarvis raised the matter in Parliament.

Ms Thomas, aged 45, from Astley Bridge, has been campaigning with human rights lawyer David Malone to put a marker in place to prevent victims of domestic abuse having their address disclosed in open court.

Last month Mr Jarvis called for the government to back the campaign to implement ‘Eve’s Marker’, which would red flag personal information about an abuse victim, to ensure the data would never be disclosed, unless in exceptional circumstances.

The Early Day Motion, called Eve’s Law and Victims of Domestic Violence, was submitted for signatures in the House of Commons, Ms Thomas, a victim of domestic abuse, at the hands of her ex-husband Michael Aldred, started campaigning after she became a defendant in a Small Claims case and was requested to provide her personal contact details in open court.

She said: “Mr Jarvis has contacted the Labour Party asking for its support to protect victims of domestic violence.

“This isn’t about politics. It’s about human beings being put in danger. We are hoping that we will have cross-party support. We have already had some signatures but, as it’s Christmas and MPs are away, we’re hoping that, after New Year, when they all come back that more will sign.

“In the meantime we are using social media to contact MPs with Twitter accounts to ask them to support Eve’s Law and Eve’s Marker, and we hope common sense will prevail.”

Mr Jarvis said: “Victims of domestic violence and abuse are placed at risk when forced to disclose their address and contact details in an open court. This is unacceptable. It will deter thousands of victims of domestic violence from reporting crimes against them.

“It’s already the case that fewer domestic abuse cases are being referred to the Crown Prosecution Service on this Government’s watch, and experiences like that of Eve Thomas risk further undermining confidence in our legal system.

“By adopting Eve’s Law, the Government can help address a small legal anomaly which will have a huge effect on the lives of people who have suffered from this horrific crime.”