BORN the year the First World War broke out, Katie Hodson has seen a great deal of change in her life — but she still knows how to have fun.

She turned 100 on January 28 and celebrated with a few drinks at a party attended by more than 140 friends and family.

Mrs Hodson, from Farnworth, was joined by her four children, 16 grandchildren and dozens of great, great-great and, even, great-great-great grandchildren at the celebration on January 25.

Organised by Mrs Hodson’s daughters Jackie Mellor, aged 68, and Katie Hodson, aged 60, the party was held at Mrs Hodson’s home in Topphome Court.

“She got up at 5pm for the party and she wasn’t in bed until gone midnight so I know she was enjoying herself,” said Katie.

“Up until the age of 90, she drank and smoked, and she always says there’s no history of long lives in her family.

“She still has the odd drink now, so we’re really pleased she enjoyed it.”

Her husband John died 21 years ago aged 87. He was in the army for 22 years and later became a postman. Mrs Hodson’s oldest son Raymond is now aged 79, while her other son Gordon is 77.

For her birthday, Mrs Hodson received a card from the Queen, and a message from work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, as well as more than 100 cards from friends and relatives.

Mrs Hodson was the youngest of several siblings, with one of her older brothers surviving being shot in the 1914 to 1918 conflict.

She was brought up in Liverpool and lived in Southport for a period, before moving to Bolton 35 years ago.

Katie added: “She is very popular. All of her friends that she has grown up with have died now really, but she has always had a lot of spirit and got to know other people.” Mrs Hodson’s daughters organised one final surprise — on Mrs Hodson’s birthday cake was a glamorous picture of her when she was 18 in 1932.

Katie said: “You can tell it was the 1930s by the picture, everything looks very art deco in style, but it just shows how stunning mum was when she was younger.”