A WOULD-BE thief has been caught on camera trying to break into cars.

The man can be seen shining a torch into cars and trying the doors of vehicles.

Darren Ayrey, aged 34, who caught the suspect on his own CCTV, is now warning people to remove valuable items from cars to avoid falling victim to thieves.

The engineer, of Dobson Road, Heaton, installed the cameras after a laptop and other items were stolen from his car outside his home last summer in July.

He said: “I moved to Heaton three years ago and I had never had any problems until last year.

“I had left my car unlocked when my work laptop was taken. I have also had damage caused to my garage door.”

The footage clearly shows a man, who is wearing a hood, trying to get into a car on Mr Ayrey’s drive. He then shines a torch through the window.

Mr Ayrey could not believe how brazen the man was.

He said: “I was watching television and I have a screen showing the camera’s footage.

“I saw him trying my girlfriend’s car door, then he had a torch and was shining it into the car and trying to open the door. I was just watching him, but then he had gone.

“People need to be more cautious and keep their cars locked.”

The suspected criminal was caught on CCTV on January 12 at about 9.15pm.

The footage follows a spate of car crimes across Bolton.

Officers at Bolton Central Neighbourhood Policing Team have been warning residents about thieves operating in the area following a number of car break-ins in and around Willows Lane, Deane Church Lane and Wigan Road.

Bolton North Neighbourhood Policing Team have urged people to remove valuables from cars and to keep vehicles secure.

Anyone with information can call police on 101.