A RADCLIFFE woman was caught falsely claiming housing and council tax benefit after giving false details to Bury Council.

Kelly Winnard, aged 38, told the council that she had started a job in October, 2012.

However, evidence of her pay aroused suspicion and investigators found that the start date was false as she had been working there for several months.

They also discovered Winnard lived with her partner and had entered into a civil partnership in November, 2010.

Winnard had failed to inform the council that her partner, who was in work, had been living with her at Gingham Park since at least late 2010.

She was charged with providing a false start date for her employment and failing to report a change in her circumstances.

She had over-claimed a total of £4,899 and will be required to repay the money.

Bury Magistrates sentenced Winnard to 12- month community order to carry out 130 hours of unpaid work and to pay £775.70 costs.