THE highs and lows of the “beautiful game” are being captured in powerful, captivating images by three photography students.

The trio, from the University of Bolton, are snapping up all aspects of club life at Bolton Wanderers.

The university and the club have teamed up after Wanderers approached the photography department asking for students to photograph match days at the Reebok Stadium.

Third year student Abbi Kenny and second year undergraduates Stefan Sikorski and Dave Stirzaker are now taking pictures of every part of club life — from photographing the ground and training facilities to fans arriving on match day as well as the game itself.

Images are being posted on the club’s website and in the match-day programme.

Abbi, aged 21, originally from Newcastle, is an avid football fan and wants a career in sport photography after graduating.

She said: “Since the tutors came in and offered us the placement I knew it was something I had to do and jumped at the chance.

“It felt so natural when I was taking pictures at the side of pitch. It felt like what I was meant to do.”

Stefan, aged 20, from Bury, said: “The feeling I get when working for Wanderers is amazing. But most of all, it’s a taste of what’s to come after I finish university.

“I was a little hesitant at first as I had never done anything like it, but I decided it was too big of an opportunity to pass up.”

Abbi added: “I’m so glad I chose Bolton. Everything has been amazing since I’ve been here. On the day of my interview the tutors made me feel really welcome and the facilities and equipment are great.”

Ian Glover, senior photography lecturer, said: “This placement is a wonderful opportunity for the students and the club.

“So far we have had some great images and we hope the connection continues.

“This is a great example of employability that offers something for all sides.

“The students gain a professional experience, the club gets some great photography and we see our students developing into professionals.”