A PHOTOGRAPHER is planning to capture the many faces of Bolton in an ambitious exhibition to celebrate the town’s people.

Julie Lomax is looking for suggestions of people to be photographed over 12 months.

She hopes the exhibition will feature people from different backgrounds and ages, including some celebrities, popular characters and community champions.

The 40-year-old freelance photographer said: “I want to try to get some characters, some people that have done well in Bolton.

“There’s obviously people like Peter Kay, who is famous for being from Bolton.

“Then there is Councillor Noel Spencer, who does a lot of good work and is a good character.

“Maybe even a young child.

“I’m not necessarily going to know all these people. As part of the exhibition, there will be a little explanation as to why these people have been chosen.”

The mother-of-two, of Cambridge Close, Farnworth, has been a photographer for 23 years and now works from her studio at home, is also a qualified teacher so shares her passion by regularly teaching photography.

She added: “I’ve been doing a lot of work improving my portraits over the last 12 months.

“I like taking pictures of people and I wanted to do something based on Bolton.

“I like capturing the character of the person in the picture.

“I wouldn’t necessarily just do one picture.

“I am looking for nominations but the person would have to know they have been nominated.”

If you would like to nominate someone contact julielomax@me.com or telephone 07879 011603.

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