IT was a case of ‘who ate all the pies’ at The Bolton News office as greedy reporters tucked into their favourite filling to celebrate British Pie Week.

From shortcrust pastry to a flaky pastry lid, pie lovers across Bolton are this week uniting to enjoy a slice of the humble pie — whether it be a traditional steak and kidney or Moroccan chicken.

British Pie Week has been running since 2007 and is celebrated in the first full week of March.

The North West has always been the homeland of the pie, so two local firms — Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery and Crabtree’s Caterers in Egerton — joined in with the celebrations by delivering their best dishes to the newspaper’s hungry journalists.

Carol Crabtree, from the independent Egerton caterers, said: “Pies are popular in Bolton because they are a traditional northern dish. Every county has their own pie or pasty filling and I’d say that here it is steak and kidney.

“We have the traditional fillings that you would expect but my son, Mark, has also created lots of different flavours like Moroccan chicken, a balti, and our best-selling game pies, although they are currently just out of season.

“We get a lot of feedback from our customers saying that we make the best cheese and onion filling that they have ever had, which is down to our secret ingredient.”

Sandra Ogden, from Greenhalgh’s, added: “The North West has long been an area where a large volume of pies has been consumed.

“Our pies are baked in each of our shops every day, so that we can guarantee they are always at the peak of freshness, straight from the oven to the pie counter.”

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