ART students have found themselves in the frame — after using their creative talents to brighten up a building site.

The University of Bolton undergraduates have created eye-catching self-portraits on the hoardings beside the site of the new Bolton Interchange.

Each of the 36 fine art and textile design students was invited to design life-sized images of themselves to reflect their link with the town in a joint scheme by the university and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to add an artistic element to Newport Street, Great Moor Street and Johnson Road.

Fine arts student Steph Shipley, from Smithills, said: “It was very exciting to see the work for the first time, we hope people enjoy seeing it.

“Art is very important to the community.

“From our point of view we were developing ideas from an academic stance to apply our skills and our specialisms to the brief.”

TfGM is currently building the new £48 million Bolton Interchange on the land, which is set to open next year.

The new interchange is being built opposite the train station in Trinity Street and the two will be linked by a new enclosed pedestrian footbridge.

Liam Ainscough, aged 40, from Bolton, said: “It’s good as an art student to put something back into the community as well as showcase the work we do on the University of Bolton fine art course.”

Jody Middleton, aged 21, from Leeds added: “It’s so exciting to know that people are actually seeing my work. As an art student it's one of the most desirable things that can happen and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”

Amy Agnew, aged 19, from Bolton, said: “I’m very happy and excited, I’ve never had my work on public display before and I hope that I will get to do it again some day.”

Cllr Andrew Fender, chairman of the TfGM committee, said: “I think that using the hoardings to showcase local artists’ work is an excellent idea and one that not only helps integrate the project with the Bolton community, but also makes the area much more visibly engaging.

“I am very impressed with the students’ designs.”