A FEUD over money ended with former Bolton Wanderers star Colin Hendry being assaulted in a restaurant.

Mr Hendry owed his attacker £85,000 — money the ex-Premiership defender borrowed from a friend despite knowing he was facing bankruptcy and that he would only be able to return a few pence.

His 24-year-old daughter Rheagan, a model, was also punched in the face, Blackpool Magistrates Court heard.

Hector McFarlane repeatedly punched Mr Hendry and McFarlane's wife Williamina admitted threatening Rheagan, causing harassment, alarm and distress.

The court heard they committed the offences because felt their close friendship with Hendry and his family had been abused by the footballer who continued to enjoy a fine lifestyle despite being made insolvent for £2.2 million.

Following the death of Mr Hendry's wife, Denise, McFarlane loaned him £85,000 to help pay for her funeral.

The money was never paid back and Mr Hendry went bankrupt, some of the debts caused by his gambling habits.

The McFarlanes have a home in Lytham, where Mr Hendry and his family live.

Stuart Mills, prosecut-ing, said the confrontation took place when Mrs McFarlane came across Rheagan in an expensive eaterie and remonstrated with her about the debt.


The prosecutor added: “Rheagan contacted her father and Mr McFarlane became involved. His fists were swinging and one blow hit Rheagan in the face and she went to the floor.

“He then rained several blows on Mr Hendry's back. The incidents were captured on CCTV and seen by a doorman.

“The McFarlanes then fled the building.”

Stephen Duffy, defending, said the McFarlanes had issued instructions by email to plead guilty in their absence.

He told the magistrates: “The families were great friends and the McFarlanes offered a lot of support to Colin Hendry during his wife's long illness.

“What irked my client even more is that there appeared to be no reduction in Hendry's lifestyle.

“Mr Hendry has been a professional athlete. My client is in his 60s and has illness problems.”

The court was shown video evidence from the restaurant.

The couple are currently living in Australia.

Hector McFarlane, aged 64, pleaded guilty to assaulting 48-year-old Mr Hendry and Rheagan at the Portofino restaurant and bar in Lytham in June, 2012.

He was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £1,026, which includes £50 compensation to mother-of-one Rheagan and £100 compensation to Mr Hendry.

Williamina McFarlane, aged 63, was ordered to pay £596 fines and costs. They were each given 56 days to pay.

Hendry currently coaches with Champion-ship side Blackburn Rovers and drives a top of the range Mercedes.

His wife died after botched cosmetic surgery.