SCHOOL pupils turn detectives as they took part in a national Crime Scene Investigation event.

Youngsters from St Catherine’s CE Primary School, in Horwich, donned overalls and picked up magnifying glasses as they tried to identify the perpetrators of dastardly crimes.

The day was being run as part of a national event which saw 20,000 schoolchildren learning to solve crimes by analysing fingerprints.

Headteacher Karen Graham said: “The kids had an absolutely brilliant day. They all came to school dressed in their special CSI outfits and I think the neighbours might have wondered what was going on.

“The children learnt all about using fingerprints to identify criminals in the way that the police do and they clearly picked up the skills well as out of 180 children taking part, 170 correctly identified the criminal.”

The CSI fun day was ran by the teaching staff and involved children from years one to six.