A DRUNKEN man is behind bars after harassing his ex-wife and partner.

Paul May, aged 39, was struck was remorse after leaving drunken telephone messages for his victims — who he was banned from contacting due to a restraining order.

Bolton Crown Court heard May, of Duke Street, Bolton town centre, harassed Emma May, his ex-wife, who he has a daughter with, on March 5.

He harassed Terrence May, his father, between March 4 and March 7.

Andrew McIntosh, prosecuting, said: “Terrance May said he was scared and was looking out of his bedroom window as the defendant had threatened to damage his property and injure him. His father said when his son wasn’t drunk he was “lovely” but when we was drunk he was horrible.”

“His former wife says the defendant’s drunken phone calls cause a great deal of distress to her and her daughter. She wants to be left alone to leave a normal life.”

Stuart Duke, defending, said May did not remember the incidents but admitted the charges.

Mr Duke added: “He has lost his wife and contact with his daughter, lost his employment, his home — lost everything of any value he ever had. He stands in the dock in simply the clothes he stands up in.”

Recorder Jeremy Lasker, sentencing, at Bolton Crown Court, said: “When your father says in statement “nobody should live like this, in fear of what might happen next and what’s around the corner, and he is absolutely right. He doesn’t sleep at night, your ex-wife is scared and this is going to continue unless and until you change your ways.”

He jailed May for 26 weeks and the court extended the restraining order against his father until November, 2018.