TICKETS have been flying out for a theatre group’s production of an iconic Carry On film.

The Marco Players will present the world premiere stage version of Carry on Camping, from Tuesday, April 29, to Saturday, May 3, at Chorley Old Road Community Hall, with an extra night added due to demand.

Director Jason Crompton said “Having been a lifelong fan of the Carry On Films, it was only a matter of time before we attempted to bring one to the stage.

“During the 23 years that I’ve been at The Marco, I don’t think a rehearsal for any production has gone by where an innuendo, a Sid James laugh or a Kenneth Williams nostril flare wasn’t slipped in.

“I also share the love of the films with Peter Haslam and, after a few drinks, we decided to seek permission to adapt one of the screenplays.

“Eventually permission was granted and Peter painstakingly set about adapting Carry on Camping.

“We chose this film as we thought it was the most iconic of the series and who doesn’t remember the famous ‘bra’ scene?”

“We also chose it as we thought it would be the easiest one to stage and our production team been so supportive of the demands that we’ve thrown at them.

“Peter is really the one who has made all this possible from writing, producing and set-building as well as being in it.

“However, I think we’ve both agreed that it will be a while before we attempt anything on this scale again.”

Carry On Camping, the 17th of the low-budget film franchise, follows the calamities of two couples on holiday and stars series regulars Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Terry Scott, Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw and Peter Butterworth.

Made on a budget of £208,354, it was the most popular film at the UK box office in 1969.

Tickets cost £7 and are available from 01204 841561.