DOCTORS set out their stall at Bolton Market to educate shoppers about antibiotics and wasted prescriptions.

The event was part of the Clincal Commissioning Group’s Hard Pill To Swallow campaign to stop people wasting money on prescribed medicine, which costs the NHS £1.5 million each year in Bolton.

Dr Barry Silvert, a GP and clinical director for the CCG, was joined by GP Dr Alison Lyon to chat to shoppers.

Dr Lyon,who is the CCG clinical lead for prescribing, said: “It’s really important that everyone reduces wasted prescribed medicines.

“We find a lot people are ordering prescriptions when they don’t need them.

“Some people will have 10 or 12 different tablets and they may only need half of them. It’s really about people taking responsibility for their own medication.”

Doctors also said patients need to be aware about the appropriate use of antibiotics.

Dr Lyon said: “Some people expect to be prescribed antibiotics with a cough or cold, but prescribing people with antibiotics can increase the risk of serious infections such as C difficile or MRSA.”