A COUNCILLOR has attacked a local authority for being “determined to destroy any remaining vestige of pride” in his town.

Cllr Norman Bradbury, a councillor for Atherton, has lambasted Wigan Council for refusing to allow a new welcome sign in Atherton to display the town’s crest. Instead, Wigan Council said the sign could only use its blue and green logo.

This was an “inappropriate” decision, according to Cllr Bradbury, given many Atherton people do not consider themselves part of Wigan.

Cllr Bradbury said he thinks Wigan Council needs splitting, with a Leigh Borough Council created, to improve the efficiency of local government.

He added: “Why is the ruling Labour Group on Wigan Council so determined to destroy any remaining vestige of pride in our historic towns.

“In Atherton they refused to accept the overwhelming support shown by the public for a Town Council, they did everything they could to sabotage the Atherton Community School and Sixth Form College. It is time to tell the Labour controlled council that enough is enough and that our local identities will not be destroyed to help them get their city status for Wigan.”

The Atherton Business Partnership along with local Wigan Independent councillors requested a traditional heritage sign welcoming people to Atherton Town Centre, with gold writing on a black background and the Atherton crest at the top of the sign.

A proposal to create a town council in Atherton were turned down earlier this year.