THE Bolton News fitness expert Chris Bramah has been honoured by new mums.

Hit Your Fitness Target boss Mr Bramah, who offers health and fitness advice each week in our Weekend magazine, has won the netmums The Best For You award in Bolton and Wigan for his classes for new mums.

Voting for the award was carried out on the influential website.

Mr Bramah offers pre and post-natal classes, including a indoor fitness class and a pram class.

He said: “I started these classes knowing how difficult it is for new mums to get any training done once their babies are here.

“My wife is a very active person and hated that there were no classes around where she could go and workout unless it meant going late at night once I was home from work, or one of us missing a gym day just so the other could train.

“My main aim for these classes is to help new mums get back into fitness, and to be recognised with these two awards has been fantastic and a huge bonus.

“To be awarded doing the job you love makes going to work every day even better.”

He added: “The indoor class is for new mums who bring their babies along with them to train.

“I set out mats in the middle of the room for the babies and then the mums train around them.

“Every session is different and I use a variety of equipment and functional exercises.

“The pram class is an outdoors class, in the local park. This is for the mums that like to train outdoors in the fresh air.

“It also allows mums with older children to come along and train as the children are in the prams for the session. This again involves various equipment and exercises using the whole area of the park.”

  • Mr Bramah’s latest column will be in Saturday’s The Bolton News Weekend section.