COULD this be Bolton’s most patriotic street?

Residents of Aldercroft Avenue in Breightmet have gone above and beyond to prove that they are the town’s most passionate England fans.

The street has been covered in St George’s flags, bunting and Three Lions banners, as residents come together to support the team in Brazil.

The decorating began a week ago when Paul Pritchard began to cover his house in England regalia — soon after the whole street began to follow suit.

Mr Pritchard said: “I started putting mine up about a week ago and I think others saw and joined in. I have seen people out until 10pm putting flags up.

“It is the World Cup and it only happens every four years. It’s a big thing and we are all coming together to show our support. It’s a good way of getting a bit of community spirit going, and all the kids in the street have been getting involved.”

Mr Pritchard said that photos of the decorations were put on social media sites which has resulted in people driving to see the impressive array of flags for themselves and take pictures.

He added: “We are going to be having a massive street party for the first game on Saturday — so no cars will be getting through.”

Another family that has gone all out in support of the England team is the Caddy household, with large flags covering their home.

Mum Sally Caddy said: “We have all made a lot of effort and it’s lovely to see everyone getting on board with a bit of team spirit — we all know each other on the street and will be watching the games together.

“I’m not sure how the team are going to do but I hope they get out of the group because we would like to keep the decorations up for more than a week.”