A DRIVER stole a TV that he was supposed to be delivering to a customer.

Colin Nesbitt at first pleaded not guilty to stealing the £375 Samsung television, which he was supposed to be delivering for Parceforce on behalf of Royal Mail.

But the 48-year-old later confessed after an investigation was launched when the parcel went missing.

Andrew Gilmore, prosecuting, told Bolton Magistrates’ Court that CCTV from February 26 showed Nesbitt, of Corn Mill Drive, Farnworth, putting the television inside his van before he took it out again and placed it in his car.

Mr Gilmore said: “Royal Mail has suffered damage to its reputation and its trust in Parceforce is dented. There has been damage to Royal Mail’s and Parcelforce’s reputations.”

Rahil Khan, defending, said Nesbitt, who is self-employed, was interviewed by Parcelforce and told he would be given a caution if he confessed to the crime.

He did not admit the theft during the interview but later sought legal advice.

Mr Khan said Nesbitt, a father-of-five, will suffer as he will no longer be able to work for Parcelforce and opportunities he had to work in America are not likely to be possible as his conviction might cause his VISA to be rejected.

He added: “He helps his children to make sure they all lead positive lives. This is something that will cause him a great deal of remorse.”

Stephen Paine, chairman of the bench, said: “You pleaded guilty to the charge of theft while in a position of trust.

"We have heard how you will fare but everything like that is of your own making.

"You decided to commit the criminal act by taking the TV. Anything in mitigation is slightly irrelevant.”

Nesbitt was sentenced to a three-month curfew, where he must remain at home between 7pm and 6am. He was ordered to pay £694 costs and £375 compensation for the cost of the TV.