A RAPIST forced himself on a teenager at gunpoint after getting angry because she did not reply to his text message, a court heard.

Daniel Plater, aged 19, of Rutland Road, Tyldesley, has now been jailed for 10-and-a-half years for the attack, which happened at on New Year's Day at a house in Leigh.

His victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had just got home after a night out celebrating the new year in Leigh town centre when Plater called her.

He was "abusive" because she had not replied to a text message that he had sent to her earlier, Liverpool Crown Court was told.

Plater later turned up at the woman's house with a gun - which he then used to threaten her as he raped her. He also assaulted her.

Police were called and he was arrested outside the house.

Det Con Dorothy Orr, who investigated the incident, said: "For reasons only known to Plater himself, he was jealous and attempted to control her.

"When she did not reply to his text, something inside him snapped and he decided to take his anger out in the most horrific of ways.

“Plater had clearly thought about what he was going to do by taking a gun.

"After the initial call to police, Plater was arrested and is now serving time behind bars for the violent and terrifying crime he committed on an innocent young woman.”

Plater pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to rape, causing actual bodily harm and a firearms offence. He was sentenced on Monday.