BIN bosses insist there are no plans to introduce three-week collections in Bolton — after Bury Council introduced the policy.

Councillors in Bury have controversially voted to pick up grey bins every three weeks, while blue and green containers will be emptied every two weeks.

But Cllr Nick Peel, the executive member for the environment at Bolton Council, said while there was still a need to decrease the amount of rubbish going to landfill, the council was not looking to reduce the number of rounds in the near future.

He said: “We are not looking at a three-week collection in Bolton.

“A lot of people are making full use of their recycling bins, but other people are not and are just putting everything in one bin.

“If you put it all the rubbish in the same bin, unless you’re a single person, you are going to struggle with that. Landfill tax is here to stay.

“The scale of the task is rising and it is money that is being wasted but that the council has to pay as it is set by the government.

“The less waste that goes into a grey bin, the less the council has to pay in landfill tax and the easier it is on our budget.”

The Bolton News reported on Friday how thousands of bins will not be emptied for a month, after collections were missed during the public sector strike.