A RAFT of road improvements in Blackrod will improve the lives of residents, it has been claimed.

The ward councillors are confident that improved car parking, traffic calming measures and resurfacing will make the village safer for people living in Blackrod and for those driving through it.

Councillors Stephen Pickup, Ann Cunliffe and Alan Bury have secured funding for improved car parking, including a 20 minute restricted bay outside the village post office in New Street, as well as improvements to Silvester Street and the development of car parks in Church Street.

There will also be spaces opposite the shopping precinct.

Traffic calming measures have also been put in place after calls from residents to curb speeding through the village.

Chorley Road, Manchester Road, Station Road and Scot Lane, at the entry to the village, will also get 30mph signs to remind drivers of the speed limit.

Blackrod Primary School, in Manchester Road, has also had advisory road marking signs implemented and soon 20mph flashing warning signs will be in operation outside the school.

The start of next term will see parking restrictions brought in outside the school following requests from parents and the police.

Councillors also announced two more limited waiting parking bays are set to be introduced for residents when visiting the Flounders Chip shop and the newsagents, both in Church Street.

These measures come on the back of a £62,000 investment from Bolton Council to resurface the previously pot-holed section of Chorley Road, known locally as Blackrod Brow, which connects the centre of the village with the A6.

Cllr Cunliffe said: “This summer we will also see the resurfacing of many of the pavements in the centre of the village.

“We have worked hard as ward councillors to secure the funding for all of these various measures, despite the massive government cuts to Bolton Council’s budget.

“We hope these works will help the residents, businesses and organisations of Blackrod.”