A WOMAN was left scarred after being attacked by five members of a family who were armed with a hammer and a crowbar, a court heard.

The alleged attack took place in Kearsley on January 24 after the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was seen in the Church Hotel pub, in Church Road, with a man, Bolton Crown Court was told yesterday.

The victim alleged that after leaving the pub and going to a nearby house, she saw Rose Conway, aged 36, of Mont Pleasant, Middleton, and Chantelle Conway, aged 18, of Masefield Drive, Farnworth, run into the house.

She described Rose Conway as being “off her head” and “foaming at the mouth”, as well as carrying a hammer.

The victim said she was pushed into the kitchen by the man she was with in an attempt to protect her, but then saw Rose Conway smash the window in the door with the hammer and try to hit her several times with a cup.

After she fled the kitchen, the alleged victim told the court Rose and Chantelle Conway shouted to fellow defendant, 26-year-old Paul Whittle, of Chorley Old Road, Bolton, to come into the room.

She said: “He ran in, grabbed my hair, held it back and punched me hard in the face five or six times.

"I fell to the floor and Rose Conway came forward and smashed a cup on my head, which has left me with scars.

“Chantelle Conway ran over and booted in me in my legs as well.”

The alleged victim said that while she was on the floor she could see Stuart Whittle, aged 30, of Westwood Close, Farnworth, and another man, attacking the man she had left the pub with.

All five defendants deny maliciously wounding the woman and possessing a hammer and a crowbar in connection with the incident on January 24.

The case continues.