A DAD confronted a burglar in his own home and fought with him as the man attempted to steal a computer screen.

The raid had such an effect on the family that Kadir Galgardo’s wife had to be admitted to hospital to be treated for shock.

Drug addict Thomas Roberts — who was yesterday jailed for two years and eight months — got into the two bedroomed property in School Hill, at 3am on June 20.

Mr Galgardo, his wife and their two children were asleep, but woke up when Mr Galgardo spotted 23-year-old Roberts outside his open bedroom door.

Neil Nehra, prosecuting, told Bolton Crown Court how Roberts had entered the property through a bathroom window and Mr Galgardo got out of bed and confronted the burglar, who was holding a torch, in his children’s bedroom.

Roberts walked off, but in the living room he climbed on to a desk and grabbed a computer monitor, worth £100. He struggled over it with the owner before escaping through a window.

Mr Nehra said the crime had left the family, who are new to the area, very scared.

He said: “The wife was so shocked by the event that she had to be admitted to hospital that day.”

The court heard that within two days of Mr Galgardo’s burglary, Roberts broke into a garage of a detached house in Broadstone Road, Bradshaw, while the owners were away and emptied it of tools and two bicycles, as well as leaving a freezer door open so meat, worth £80, was ruined.

His fingerprints were found on a power tools accessory kit.

Roberts was caught a few days later attempting to break into another property in Brocksby Chase.

Roberts, of Neville Close, School Hill, pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary and the court heard he had a lengthy criminal record.

Kate Hooney, defending, said his crimes were committed because he was desperate for money to fund his heroin addiction after he started using drugs, aged 16.

Sentencing Roberts, Judge Timothy Clayson, said: “I don’t know how you would feel if your family were subject to such events.”