A NEGLECTED Bolton at Home property in Darcy Lever has forced neighbours to endure sweltering weather to avoid being swarmed by flies.

Fly-tippers have targeted the gardens at the front and back of the vacant home in Beechcroft Grove, dumping piles of rancid waste.

Habib Uguz lives next door and has been left infuriated for the past month as nobody has come to clear up the waste.

His six-year-old daughter Cansu has not been able to play outside in the hot weather while Mr Uguz and his family have been forced to sleep with their windows shut during the heatwave.

The house is temporarily empty while maintenance work is carried out and a spokesman for Bolton at Home said arrangements have been made to remove it as a “matter of urgency”.

Mr Uguz, who owns the house next door, said: “I cannot open my back door anymore as flies just keep coming in my house.

“I keep reporting it, but it is now over a month and they have not done anything.

“I don’t even know how people manage to get in the back garden, they must just chuck the stuff over.” Mr Uguz is so desperate for the problem to be solved he has even offered to clear the rubbish himself.

He said: “Especially in this weather the flies are just coming straight into the house. If I was given a skip and they told me I could clear it I would.

“It would not be pleasant but something needs to done.

“I’m uncomfortable every day and cannot open my windows.”

A spokesman for Bolton at Home said: “It’s been reported to us that rubbish may have been fly-tipped at this property while it is temporarily empty due to repair and maintenance work being carried out.

“We have arranged with our cleaning contractors for any rubbish to be cleared from around property as a matter of urgency.

“Our enforcement team will monitor the situation closely to ensure no further dumping of rubbish takes place.”