A CAMPAIGN aimed at preventing anti-social behaviour has been launched to keep young people entertained during the summer holidays.

Police, the fire service, Bolton Council and other local authorities have joined forces to launch Safe4Summer, a campaign that provides young people with activities to prevent them getting in trouble or danger.

A website created for the campaign provides information about the activities along with fire safety advice, such has how to avoid hazards such as swimming in open water.

Emergency service staff have been giving talks at schools across Greater Manchester about the consequences of anti-social behaviour.

Police will be working with trading standards to target businesses who sell alcohol to people under aged 19 and take action against people who buy alcohol for children.

Off-road bikes will also be seized if they are found to be used illegally.

Sgt Tariq Butt said: “Safe4Summer aims to provide young people with enough activities to banish boredom, and offers advice about personal safety on the street, in the countryside and near open water.”