A WOMAN who had part of her finger ripped off in a freak holiday accident has warned people to check they have the correct travel insurance before going away.

Farnworth mum Elaine Battersby had bought travel insurance — but it had run out just two hours before she slammed a glass door on to her finger on the last day of her stay in Benidorm.

After undergoing an operation she was told to expect a £4,500 medical bill.

However, she has now been told that her insurance firm Atlas Direct will pay up, because it was a genuine mistake.

She said: “It wasn’t nice, it took a chunk of my finger off which landed on the floor — there was a lot of blood and you could see the bone. I don’t remember feeling pain at the time, I was just trying to be brave for my son, but now I am in a lot of pain.

“I want to warn other people to make sure you get travel insurance for the right amount of days so you avoid going through this.”

Ms Battersby, aged 42, who works at Harper Green School, travelled to the Spanish resort on July 19 with her seven-year old son Corley.

She said the pair had enjoyed a “brilliant holiday” until the accident happened on Saturday, July 26. After having a cigarette on the balcony, she tripped over a chair and with her left hand pushed a sliding door, slamming it on to her right hand.

She took her insurance documents to the Imed Levante Hospital, where she underwent surgery on her finger the next day.

After waking up from the surgery, Ms Battersby was told her insurance policy had ended just hours before the accident and she would have to pay the £4,500 bill.

She said: “I was gutted — I had saved up for 18 months to go on holiday and had no idea how I could afford the bill.”

Her son had flown home with a friend who was also on the holiday and Ms Battersby had to borrow money to be able to fly home.

Since returning, she has had to have her wound dressed regularly and has been told that she may need a skin graft or even part of her finger removing.

Ms Battersby added: “I was so relieved to hear that the insurance company would pay. I am just waiting for the confirmation.”