MEET Great Dane George — who is not feeling so great at the moment. 

For the rescue dog is nearly five stones underweight — despite scoffing mounds of tripe and special dog food every day. 

Now his rescuers — Emma and Steven Bradley — hope vets will carry out x-rays to find out why the loveable mutt is not piling on the pounds. 

The 18-month-old pedigree has so far confounded pet medics — because although he has been well fed since his rescue, he is still failing to put on weight.

George is currently about eight stones — but Great Danes his age should normally weigh closer to 13 stones. 

The Bradleys, who run the Molly Moonshines dog care centre, travelled to Warwickshire to pick up George, who had been put into kennels after his original owner could not afford to keep him. 

The couple have now arranged a weekend of fundraising events to help pay for his treatment. 

Mrs Bradley, a former pupil of St Joseph’s High School in Horwich, said: “He has such a wonderful nature. I can’t understand why anyone would give him up. 

“Our target figure is £500, so we can start by getting x-rays to try to find out why he can’t put weight on. 

“We already know he has a leaking heart valve, but that is manageable. The weight loss is the major problem. 

“He has put on one kilo since we got him, but it is not enough. 

“But his appetite is slowly improving and we are hoping it will continue to get better.” 

A full programme of events has been arranged this weekend at Molly Moonshines, next to Worsley Garden Centre, in Leigh Road. 

There will be a special dog park tomorrow (Saturday), inviting owners to walk and socialise their dogs and contribute £3. 

At 10am small and toy breeds will play together before 11.15am when energetic small to medium breeds will be accommodated. 

At noon it is the turn of energetic medium to large breeds of dog. 

On Sunday there is a fun day starting at 11am. There will be a bouncy castle, tombola, a lucky dip and naming of a five foot high teddy bear. 

There will also be dog show with 11 classes for different types of dog. 


The Great Dane is a German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size.

The name of the breed in Germany is Deutsche Dogge meaning German mastiff.

They are known for their huge bodies and great height. 

The Great Dane is one of the world's tallest dog breeds. 

The current world record holder measures 112cm from paw to shoulder.

Male Great Danes can often weigh upwards of 14 stones.