DISABLED patients at Bolton One are being given parking fines if they leave their car outside the centre for more than 90 minutes.

If they are held up because of “clinical delays” blue badge holders can have their fine cancelled — but only after asking for a letter from Bolton One confirming the delay, which must then be given to the council’s parking services team.

Patient Kenneth Robinson, who was fined after his scan at Bolton One was delayed, said: “I can’t understand why Bolton Council has these parking measures in place — it’s absolutely stupid.

“It doesn’t make sense to put parking restrictions on a medical centre car park — people don’t want to go there to stay the afternoon, they want to get out there as soon as they possibly can.

“I don’t think it’s right that the council has the ability to charge people with blue badges and people who are using a medical centre.

“It’s a regulation that needs to be looked at again.”

The 87-year-old, of Capitol Close, Smithills, had parked in the Bolton One car park at 11.35am on Thursday, August 14. Mr Robinson, who has arthritis of the spine, got back to his car at 2.10pm after his delayed appointment only to find that he had been given a fine.

He has since had his fine cancelled after going through the council’s appeals process.

The council said the parking regulations at Bolton One have been in place since August 2012.

A spokesman said: “We introduced the 90-minute rule because we were finding that some blue badge holders couldn’t access spaces due to other users parking in them all day.

“The parking arrangements were developed together with the Bolton Community Leisure Trust and the NHS. The time limit was set at 90 minutes based on feedback from users and the NHS.

“If a fine is issued due to a clinical delay, the patient is issued a letter to submit to the council’s parking services team who will cancel the fine.”