THE new Boundary Commission proposals for Bolton are described in the Bolton News story yesterday.

The Labour Party regionally broadly supported the changes and Yasmin Qureshi MP has importantly pointed out how the proposals will not so easily fit the lives of some residents in Bolton South East because families from Great Lever and Rumworth have spread out to live in other parts of Bolton South East and the Boundary Commission plans split the wards up into the two constituencies of Farnworth and Radcliffe and Bolton North East.

I am not writing to voice opposition to the plans.

That Farnworth will get recognition as a Parliamentary Constituency with Radcliffe is fantastic news.

I am writing to share the concerns that are being raised by residents about the changes that will affect the place Great Lever.

Currently, both Great Lever ward and Harper Green ward are in the same constituency.

The Boundary Commission plan is for Great Lever ward to go to the Bolton North East Constituency and for the Harper Green ward to be in the Farnworth and Radcliffe Constituency.

This means 40 per cent of the Harper Green ward homes are in the place Great Lever (60 per cent are in Farnworth). The parts of Great Lever that are in the Harper Green ward are; left side of Green Lane and roads off, most of Lever Edge Lane and all roads off excepting Rupert Street to part Morrison Street side, the Hayward Estate, part Morris Green Lane and roads off from Lever Edge Lane to Ellesmere Road all the way back to Higher Swan Lane and our ward border at Settle Street.

Harper Green ward has Great Lever landmarks and heritage; Sunnyside Park, the Great Lever and Morris Green History Society, St William of York Roman Catholic Church and Sunnyside Park crown green bowling green. There are residents who have lived all or most of their lives in Great Lever who are very proud of the history and heritage of Great Lever in Bolton.

We can continue to recognise the whole place that is Great Lever and that residents and businesses in Great Lever, by virtue of where the property is, if the Boundary Commission proposals are made law by Parliament, will have either of two Members of Parliament representing them.

Cllr Sue Haworth

Harper Green ward