WHEN Michelle Keegan took the Best Newcomer Award in 2010 for playing Tina McIntyre in Coronation Street she impressed with her freshness.

Poor Tina finally fell to her death in 2014 and we wondered where Michelle the actress would surface next.

Her performance in the BBC drama series Ordinary Lies proved her talent and the current series of her latest role – as Corporal Georgie Lane in military drama Our Girl – continues to showcase her skills.

Michelle, from Stockport, is excellent in the role of the young medic sent into some very scary situations and proves constantly she is far from just a pretty face.

She has learned the effects of stillness in her acting and there’s a girl-next-door appeal about her that makes people like her and makes her believable.

Our Girl is certainly never short of action, usually amid some war or natural tragedy, and her character shows plenty of ordinary human traits as well as some extraordinary ones.

Michelle is plainly set for a lengthy and successful career.