JUST like Marmite, people tend to love or hate TV presenter Piers Morgan.

The former tabloid editor has jointly hosted Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid for the past two years and viewers are probably as divided in their opinions now as they were at the outset.

On the plus side, he’s a fearless interviewer, unafraid to push politicians, top industrialists, the bigoted or the plain immoral. His stance on American gun law has been unwavering, from his perceptive overview to his lack of fear of this powerful lobby.

To state that he is unwilling to make his views known is like saying Sir Alan Sugar is quite successful. He speaks his mind at all times – including about Lord Sugar.

On the down side, Piers is often belligerent, may sound pompous and will shout down those he believes make a poor point – or no point.

He could never be accused of suffering from a lack of confidence but is still at times one of the most erudite journalists on TV.