IT is a great pity that the owner of Fred Dibnah’s museum home is having to close it and sell up.

Leon Powsney has done a remarkable job but the writing has long been on the wall. Now, he has to auction off the house and contents including important pieces of Fred’s memorabilia.

Mr Powsney and his wife Jan bought the 155 year-old building on Radcliffe Road in The Haulgh nine years ago. Since then, they’ve sunk large amounts of time and money into trying to make it a successful venture.

Visitors have come from all over the world, but investment to keep the premises open and flourishing has never arrived in the amounts needed. Now, Mr Powsney is left with no choice.

He and Jan have worked incredibly hard and there is no doubt Fred would have clapped him on the back and said “Tha’s done thee best, lad.”