In a normally smart and well kept area where residents take pride in and care of their property, the council's total neglect of street and pavement cleaning has led to a filthy and disgusting state.

It is almost impossible to walk down New Heys Way without slipping on months of piled up rotting leaves,weeds and rubbish, with a minefield of dog mess every few yards.

When the road was icy you couldn't step into the road to avoid the hazards.

At the junction of Catterall Crescent and New Heys Way on a dangerous bend, we used to have a grit box.

This was removed many years ago and never replaced.

Where does our Council Tax actually go?

When we were young we were proud to declare we came from Bolton in Lancashire. Now I don't.

We are firmly in Lancashire geographically, but unfortunately lumped in with the Greater Manchester rubbish dump now.

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