IN The Bolton News on April 11, you published a letter from Beverley Holland in response to my letter of complaint about how my wife and I were treated by our bank (“Anger over bank’s ID slur”).

I thank this lady for her advice but, unfortunately, it was unhelpful.

Perhaps I should elucidate the point I was trying to make in my letter.

Both my wife and I do have several forms of photographic identity and are already in possession of Bolton Smart Cards. My wife also has her photographic ID for her job at Bolton Council. We are also in possession of photographic ID bus passes, but none of these forms of photographic ID were considered suitable proof of who we are by our bank and, I am informed, by any of the high street banks and/or building societies.

At no time were we ever told why this was not considered suitable. We also provided proof in the forms of household bills, our wedding certificate, insurance forms and both our birth certificates, all of which were deemed appropriate when the account was first opened.

Trevor Lester Farnham Close Halliwell