IN response to Adam Willis’s letter, Adam misquotes me. I have never said that people should not come to this country and that they take work from other UK citizens.

I have said that people who come to this country should be prepared to pay their own way and not be in receipt of benefit until they have paid into our system for a given period.

I am not in favour of certain EU laws such as the mobility of benefit between member states, as there is an imbalance of those come and receiving, to those of us who go and receive.

Generally, overseas UK worker, go and cover there cost, where as those coming to the UK, a disproportionate population come here and receive benefit. (This is a fact stated in government record/cross party).

I have been an immigrant worker in other countries (outside EU) and have no problem with anyone coming to the UK, colour, race, religion.

My trouble is with people coming here and expecting me to change for them and for them to disrespect our laws and culture and for me to support them with my taxes.

Please Adam do not mis-represent me.

Andrew Davidson Bury