RE your article regarding the wildflower garden in Sunnyside Park (The Bolton News , July 31).

The council’s comments are quite correct regarding the yearly cutting of the wildflower garden, but there is no reason why the surrounding areas cannot be cut.

I am sure that the gardeners employed by the council are professional enough to distinguish between the lovely wild flowers and the four-foot high grass and weeds.

Also, other areas of the park are being neglected — the bushes have not been cut back for a long time and are now being choked by weeds and nettles.

All this is turning what was once a neat, tidy and enjoyable place to visit into a very sad and neglected recreational area.

It is obvious that the gardeners are being told by the council not to do certain things to save time. This is yet another cost-cutting exercise to the detriment of local residents and park users.

Margaret Platt Secretary, Roseneath Area Residents Association