IN recent weeks, The Bolton News has carried reports relating to the plight of the finances of the Royal Bolton Hospital. Cllr Andy Morgan has also expressed concern over the number of cancelled operations.

It is reported that the Health Watchdog, Monitor, has required the appointment of a “Turnaround” Director and external advisers.

One might well ask by what mechanism are members of Bolton Foundation Trust appointed and were the most appropriate personnel appointed in the first place?

We are informed that the chairman has departed two months before the expiry date of his terms. Are any others to depart?

I venture to suggest that the Board should comprise ideally of qualified, retired professionals who may well be prepared to serve for a reasonable fee.

Perhaps the following could be appointed: a consultant, a GP, a lawyer, an engineer, an accountant and a locally-appointed union representative. You would have no need for external advisers, you would have them in-house .

There may be a tendency in some quarter to regard positions as a sinecure. Sadly, this is the hospital that needs a cure. Perhaps the Secretary of State should review the appointment system?

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