THE anonymous writer (August 8) describes their parking procedure when taking their 89- year-old arthritic father to the Royal Bolton Hospital and asks if they are abusing the system? The answer is yes.

You state that you drop him off at the entrance and, if there are no disabled bays available, wait on double yellow lines for him to return and move if you are causing an obstruction. It is not for you to decide whether or not you are causing an obstruction.

The area around the entrance is for dropping off and picking up only and is frequently very busy with vehicles coming and going.

That is why there are double yellow lines there, which are defined in The Highway Code as meaning: “No waiting at any time”.

You are also not allowed to park in a disabled bay if your father is not in the car.

You should drop him off as you do and then go to park in an ordinary bay and pay the appropriate fee. You should then wait for him in the main reception area or the reception area of the department he is attending until he is ready to go home and then leave him in the main reception area whilst you go for your car to pick him up.

What you are trying to do is avoid paying the parking fee, the income from which goes towards paying for services for patients, including those from which your father benefits.

A blue badge is a concession and not a pass for free parking unless it is in an area where free parking is allowed.

It is the responsibilty of you and your father to ensure that you comply with the rules laid down in the booklet issued with your father’s pass.

You also say that your father is independent, proud and stubborn. Many of us have elderly relatives like that, but it does not give us the right to break the law. We just have to accept it and work round it.

R Swindells Bolton