THEY really couldn’t be more different but two actresses both named Collins teach us plenty about longevity and being your own person.

Now, Dame Joan Collins and Pauline Collins star together in the film The Time of Their Lives described as a British road comedy. Joan is a former Hollywood movie star going to her ex-lover’s funeral and Pauline her friend on an event-filled journey.

Joan, now 83, is the former star of the glitzy Dynasty TV series and raunchy films and still looks amazing. Pauline, 76, has had a less dazzling but admirable acting career in films like Shirley Valentine and Quartet.

Their style at the film’s premiere was a reflection of their personalities: Joan all glittering and shiny and Pauline in a smart monochrome.

They’re both fascinating actresses who long ago decided to go their own ways in a notoriously difficult profession. Best of all, they both appear to be fun. In fact, the sort of women with whom you’d enjoy a good night out and a laugh.