HERS is the face – and figure- that launched a thousand diets.

Now, at 70, Rosemary Conley, head of the famous slimming and fitness organisation, looks as good today as she ever did and she has just launched her latest fight against flab: the 3-2-1 Diet.

Rosemary, who has been in the diet industry for 45 years, has survived all the dietary and fitness fads of the last decades which appeared to deny her low-fat food and regular exercise approach.

Changes in the fitness and slimming world meant her Diet & Fitness magazine closed down and in 2014 her Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness empire went into administration.

Through it all, the slim blonde with the size 8 figure has endured, staying true to her own diet and fitness regime.

She changed the lives of many, many people and, no doubt, her latest ideas will also be influential. Most interesting of all, though, she leads by example.

And if Rosemary can stay trim and attractive into her 70s why can’t we?