ONLINE trolling is the dark side of today’s developments and one that many of us experience to a greater or lesser degree.

It’s a modern problem so it’s been good to see it highlighted so well in Coronation Street as councillor Sally Metcalfe fights back against the individual who is making her life hellish.

Some fine acting from Sally Dynevor demonstrates just how desperately frightened trolls can make individuals feel as they stalk people through phones and computers. The uncertainty of being watched, criticised and even threatened is something no-one should have to endure.

Yes, I know, it’s only a soap but, very unfortunately, it’s not untypical of what happens when some disturbed individual with a grudge about life fixates on one person and makes their life appalling in this unacceptable and anonymous way.

If it helps deter one person from doing this or gives just someone the courage to fight back in any way then the programme has been successful. On an entertainment level, it’s been a fascinating storyline.