THE format of good cop, bad cop runs through numerous books and TV programmes as well as through life.

A partnership where one person behaves more aggressively and the other is gentler can work, especially on TV. And on ITV’s flagship breakfast show Good Morning Britain Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan’s partnership is proving a ratings’ winner.

While the BBC’s breakfast programme is down two per cent on last year’s viewing figures, GMB is gaining viewers. That’s really no surprise. The combination of ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan’s acerbic, abrasive method of interviewing is regularly softened by Susanna’s more pragmatic and even-handed approach.

If he rants and raves, she calms and soothes. It’s a combination that works well, and viewers obviously like it.

As a journalist, I love Piers’ interviewing style because he doesn’t let anyone – especially politicians – get away with fudging the issue, whatever it is. He’s a complete viper demanding answers and going in for the kill. He simply won’t let go, while Susanna purrs persuasively in the background.