WE all know that things have to change, especially in TV, with new personalities regularly emerging.

But, it will be very interesting to see how the new head judge on TV’s extremely popular Strictly Come Dancing fits in and what Shirley Ballas’s style will be.

The Latin American champion takes over from much-loved Len Goodman. And, although she’s not generally known to mainstream Strictly fans, Shirley’s well-respected in the ballroom dancing world.

She’s also reported to be quite a feisty lady, unafraid to tell it like it is – a good trait in any judge but remember who she’s replacing.

Len Goodman made himself a national treasure. He was the judge who deflected other judges’ mean criticisms and turned them into a positive, always finding something good to say.

He remained an expert with his own likes and dislikes but gave a balanced judgement in an acceptable way. Can Shirley do the same? Let’s hope so.

Strictly relies on its feelgood factor which transcends the technical. She needs to remember that.