IT’S simply terrifying to read the figures about children taking weapons into school.

Forget lunchboxes or an apple for the teacher, thousands of children, as young as five, have taken weapons into school including samurai swords, axes and airguns.

The latest police figures show that incidents of pupils bringing weapons into school is on the rise and includes primary schools. During 2016-17, 1,369 weapons were found which is an increase of 18 per cent over the previous year. At least 47 children were below 10 and there were three five year-olds. The haul included 26 guns including BB guns, air rifles and an imitation firearm.

All this comes amid mounting concerns about the violent behaviour in schools and the gang culture in cities. Parents need to be extra vigilant and talk to their children. If they’re being bullied, or are bullying, it needs sorting out before it explodes into violence.