HAVING children with autism can prove tough for many parents and changes family life.

So, the attitude of Bolton TV star Paddy McGuinness’s wife Christine to their four year-old twins, who are autistic, is heartening.

In a touching Instagram post she celebrated that “in the last 12 months you have learnt to talk and you are using flat feet to walk. You are conquering your daily challenges and I’m here to hold your hand when you’re dealing with sensory overload, the quietest room sounds like a brass band.”

Christine adds “you amaze me every day because you are beautiful inside and out in an extra special way.”

This outpouring of love is an indication of the caring home Christine and Paddy have created for Leo, Penelope and new arrival Felicity.

Their acceptance and all-consuming affection will help the twins to thrive, and show other parents there is a way ahead.