I was listening to the Prime Minister's speech in the House of Commons a few moments ago. I thought it was excellent - a strong and clear message to the country. The response by the Leader of the Opposition was also very good and appropriate - he had made a number of important and very relevant suggestions.

It is most unfortunate that in an advanced, highly cultured and one of the wealthiest countries in the world, we have to witness such callous anarchy on the streets. Ordinary decent law-abiding people do not usually go out and commence fighting - they get very scared , want to protect themselves and their families , their properties and businesses. Compensation can NEVER 'compensate' such 'fear and anxieties' and the 'inner losses' !

Another cohort of our society , the vulnerable elders , often on their own ,dependent on neighbours and friends , should be considered as a 'special' group. If a rowdy throws a brick through their living room window , what are they supposed to do? If someone mugs them whilst returning from shopping , what can they do? Some , of course, are brave - we read about their bravery in the newspapers but the majority are not so brave - in fact such acute fear and anxiety can kill them !! And it is not infrequent.

My personal advice would be to report all such misdemeanours to the nearest Police Station OR tell a neighbour about it. All miscreants must be caught and face the rules of the Law ! Even a very frail person can help this process of maintaining law and order. At the same time everyome should ensure that their own residences are properly secured and protected. The local Crime Prevention Service can advise on various domestic measures. Remember the Englishman's home is his 'castle' !