Get your kids active in holidays

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

9:12am Monday 21st July 2014

SUMMER holidays are a great way to get yourselves and the kids active.

Roadworks - please can someone make them stop

The Bolton News: ROADWORKS: Hagley residents are facing six months of roadworks in their village. SP

3:29pm Sunday 20th July 2014

BEFORE I begin I have to confess that I am not the world's most patient driver.

Last Sight Of The Proms?

5:39pm Friday 18th July 2014

Proms are firmly established for secondary school pupils but having them for primary school youngsters is just a pointless expense

Protect Media Freedom!

5:37pm Friday 18th July 2014

The latest Google ruling is already threatening hard-won media freedom in the UK

Food Over Fashion at M & S

5:35pm Friday 18th July 2014

A trip to spend a gift voucher at Marks & Spencer's didn't end in the usual way

Les Set For Corrie Stay?

5:33pm Friday 18th July 2014

Comedian Les Dennis is turning in a fine acting performance in our favourite Northern soap

Gastric Band Madness

5:32pm Friday 18th July 2014

It's no wonder a plan to give thousands of diabetes patients gastric bands on our beleagured NHS has caused a storm of protest

DAVID PYE: Commonwealth Games still have a role on British sporting calendar

The Bolton News: OUT OF RACE: Mo Farah

12:00pm Friday 18th July 2014

THE World Cup has dominated the sporting landscape this summer for so long that it has hardly been mentioned the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is just six days away.

NEIL BONNAR: Big events in Bolton bring a sense of pride to the town

The Bolton News: NEIL BONNAR'S COLUMN: Wanderers and Wigan should stop flirting and make it a derby date

12:00pm Thursday 17th July 2014

PRIDE in your town is a prerequisite of working for any decent length of time in an industry which serves its public.

Race for Life - thanks for taking part because cancer only needs to win once

4:55pm Monday 14th July 2014

LAST weekend I was lucky enough to be one of the hundreds of women able to take part in this year's Race For Life in Bolton.

Looking good can be expensive - but it doesn't have to be

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

8:17am Monday 14th July 2014

LOOKING good can be an expensive job.

CRAIG NELSON: Go easy on footballers, they're braver than you think

The Bolton News: neymar.jpg

10:00am Saturday 12th July 2014

DO not be confused by the modern-day histrionics – professional footballers are brave.

DAVID PYE: World Cup's third-place play-off one of saddest events in sport

The Bolton News: David Pye

11:40am Friday 11th July 2014

IS the World Cup third/fourth place play-off not the most pointless sporting event known to man?

NEIL BONNAR: English players need to head overseas to broaden their horizons

The Bolton News: SHAME: David Beckham left out of Team GB

12:00pm Thursday 10th July 2014

“GO west young man” is a famous old quote attributed to American newspaper editor Horace Greeley advising his countrymen should travel if they wanted to make the best of themselves.

Honours For Heritage Supporters

8:37am Thursday 10th July 2014

Horwich Heritage Centre is definitely worth a visit and a fascinating place

More Queues? So What!

8:36am Thursday 10th July 2014

When it comes to airport security it really is far better to be safe than sorry

We Need More Patience

8:34am Thursday 10th July 2014

Older people seem to forget just how difficult having a young family can be - especially when we're shopping

Victoria Deserves A Programme

8:33am Thursday 10th July 2014

Radio gem Victoria Derbyshire is moving from BBC Radio 5 Live but definitely needs top profile

Just Click For Success

8:31am Thursday 10th July 2014

Technology segment Click deserves more than just being part of a BBC TV news programme

Face Up To Life!

8:30am Thursday 10th July 2014

People are no longer prepared to take responsibility for their own lives and always want to blame something or someone else

Protein is good for everyone

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

11:24am Monday 7th July 2014

PROTEIN. What's the big deal?

CRAIG NELSON: Simon Yates Tour de France call-up what sporting dreams are made of

The Bolton News:

8:20am Saturday 5th July 2014

SIMON Yates admitted that while he is physically ready to make his shock debut in the Tour de France, mentally he is far from prepared.

How can Luis Suarez argue he isn't a role model? Albeit not a very good one

The Bolton News: Luis Suarez has been handed a long ban

8:00am Saturday 5th July 2014

UNLESS you have been living on the moon you cannot have failed to witness some of the hysteria surrounding Luis Suarez and “bite-gate”.

DAVID PYE: Grab a bargain but beware they may not quite live up to the hype

The Bolton News: David Platt

12:00pm Friday 4th July 2014

THE transfer window is officially open and while that now infamous deadline day is two months away yet, big moves are already starting to happen.

Honours Well-Deserved

5:23pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

The Honorary Doctorates being awarded to various luminaries this week include a couple of remarkable local people

Doing Fred Proud

5:22pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

Fred Dibnah's former home has won a top travel award - and it's thanks to one man's commitment

The Bottom Line

5:21pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

Bottoms are making news, and the bigger the better

More Service With A Smile

5:20pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

There seems to have been a vast improvement in retail service - or am I just noticing that?

NEIL BONNAR: Golf is criticised for being elitist, but that is not my experience

The Bolton News: Liam Ball, Glynn Evans (president) and Gareth Hastie

12:00pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

YOU don’t have to go to Brazil to see top-level sport.

Muscle in on a balanced body and improved core strength

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

9:01am Monday 30th June 2014

HAVE a think back to your first session at the gym, or your first exercise class, or even your first run.

Us Brits a nation of pessimists - clearly not

8:00am Saturday 28th June 2014

IT IS commonly accepted myth that us Brits are pessimists.

DAVID PYE: World Cup fever might finally see football kick off across the pond

The Bolton News: David Pye

12:00pm Friday 27th June 2014

IT seems our American friends across the Atlantic have finally got the football bug in a big way.

NEIL BONNAR: England need to throw away the textbook and get more 'street'

The Bolton News: Paul Gascoigne

12:00pm Thursday 26th June 2014

YOU could tell a Cliff Booth player a mile off.

Marc Iles' World Cup sideshow: Don't worry kids, this isn't the real England

The Bolton News: Adam Lallana

9:00am Tuesday 24th June 2014

ONE of the most thoroughly depressing games I have ever watched as an Englishman was the third-place play-off against Italy in 1990.

Exercise and diet are key to a flatter bikini waist

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

12:43pm Monday 23rd June 2014

BELLY fat. Our waist tends to be one of our “problem areas” when it comes to waist loss.

CRAIG NELSON: Football directors should curb their positivity

The Bolton News: CRAIG NELSON: You can never go back to the days when grounds were not as safe

7:10am Saturday 21st June 2014

A FOOTBALL fan I was speaking to last week came up with a quite amazing statement: “Positive people can be very dangerous.”

Will Court Ruling Lead to Fare Rise?

The Bolton News: The surge in air fares has helped lift inflation putting more pressure on households

5:16pm Thursday 19th June 2014

A popular landmark court case may have worrying side-effects on air fares

Mel B Spices Up X Factor

The Bolton News: Mel B

5:15pm Thursday 19th June 2014

The former Spice Girl definitely calls a spade a spade - or a no-hoper exactly that

Restrain Yourself on Social Media

The Bolton News: J.K Rowling promised fans that her next published book will be for children

5:13pm Thursday 19th June 2014

We are now far too open about our feelings on others which can lead to nasty and unsuitable posts comments

NEIL BONNAR: This World Cup is all talk

The Bolton News: Wayne Rooney scored in England's 1-0 win over Ukraine tonight

4:50pm Thursday 19th June 2014

THE great British – or should I say – English press and public’s nonsensical criticism of Wayne Rooney is probably the thing I have liked least about this World Cup.

MARC ILES' WORLD CUP SIDESHOW: Scarred by the weird and wonderful

The Bolton News: LATE WINNER: Thierry Henry scored Arsenal's winner and later received applause from the sporting Sunderland fans

6:10am Tuesday 17th June 2014

BRITPOP kings Blur once sang there must be more to life than stereotypes – but evidently, not at the World Cup finals.

Now the World Cup has kicked off - let's make sure we honour the REAL heroes

The Bolton News: Find the best places to watch the drama of the World Cup unfold

9:58am Monday 16th June 2014

NOW the World Cup has kicked off, I'm sure we'll hear a lot about the “heroes of England”.

A matter of life and breath

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

9:44am Monday 16th June 2014

BREATHING, it's the one thing our bodies can only last a few minutes without.

MARC ILES WORLD CUP SIDESHOW: Wayne Rooney must go or England face the exit door

The Bolton News: LINK-UP: Wayne Rooney

4:20am Monday 16th June 2014

EVERYONE is putting a brave face on after defeat against Italy and, yes, there were aspects to admire despite the result.

CRAIG NELSON: Will Brazil 2014 see Barkley and Sterling write their names in history?

The Bolton News: MAN OF THE MATCH: Raheem Sterling impressed for England on Wednesday

12:00pm Saturday 14th June 2014

THE majority of fans and pundits have been in agreement about England’s likely line-up ahead of their opening game of the World Cup against Italy tonight.

MARC ILES' WORLD CUP SIDESHOW: Sorry Rickie, this is serious business


10:00am Saturday 14th June 2014

FABIO Cannavaro could hardly keep the sarcastic grin off his face when asked by ITV host Adrian Chiles whether the Italians feared fairytale striker Rickie Lambert.

DAVID PYE: Cricket's rethink has made Twenty20 a whole new ball game

The Bolton News: Jos Buttler is relishing the start of the T20

12:00pm Friday 13th June 2014

THE World Cup has arrived and as of last night the mainstream TV channels are now focused on the stars at one huge summer event – and I am not talking about the latest collection of wannabes on Big Brother.

MARC ILES' WORLD CUP SIDESHOW: Come on Edin! My two quid's riding on you

The Bolton News: Edin Dzeko

9:04am Friday 13th June 2014

FOOTBALLERS don’t read newspapers, or so a lot of them tell us, but I am hoping to use my World Cup column to reach out to someone who might be very important to me this summer.

How to stay in shape when you are on holiday

The Bolton News: Claire Kopicki

12:24pm Monday 9th June 2014

WITH holiday season upon us, a question that many of my clients ask is 'how can I stay in shape while I am on holiday?'.

CRAIG NELSON: It just isn't cricket, but you can't put back the lid on Pandora's box

The Bolton News: Jos Buttler shows his frustration after being controversially dismissed earlier this week

12:00pm Saturday 7th June 2014

ANGRY reaction to Sri Lankan bowler Sachithra Senanayake’s controversial ‘Mankad’ run-out of England wicketkeeper Jos Buttler went along the lines of: “That just isn’t cricket.”

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