I REFER to the story, August 20, that the population of Bolton will increase by 12 per cent by 2035, and additional 33,460 people.

Most of this increase will be due to the influx of black and minority residents living in the borough.

It has already increased from 12.8 per cent over the past ten years and they now form 22 per cent of the population, ie: some 58,000.

I understand from the official statistics that they also account for nearly 30 per cent of the births in Bolton.

This massive influx of people is of course due to labour’s ‘open door’ policy during their time in power, deliberately designed to massively increase their voter base across the country.

I very much doubt if the current council has the foresight or are even concerned about the problems this massive population increase will have.

For example, the story indicates that there will be massive increase of 37 per cent in the number of over 65s living in the area and yet the council is closing elderly persons/homes and reducing its social care provision.

The limp response from a council spokesman failed to completely address this issues.

My fear is that all these problems will bring about unrest in the community when they wake up and realise exactly what is happening.

Dave Blackely Lumbridge Drive Blackrod