Cllr Paul Wild says tougher laws are needed to crack down on nuisance cold-callers phoning Bolton residents. He is right!

I, and probably thousands of other Bolton residents, get pestered daily by these people.

Six, seven or even more calls, most days.

Tell them you are having a meal, or that you are naked and dripping water all over the bedroom floor, having got out of the shower to answer the phone, and they still persist with: “I will only take a few minutes of your time . . .”

The other day, after answering perhaps half a dozen of these calls, a foreign female rang.

I politely asked her to go away and pester someone else.

What she said next wasn’t in English and I don't think she said: “I will only take a few minutes of your time.”

It is against my nature to be rude, but putting the phone down on these people is all you can do. They are not “simply doing a job”, this is harassment.

Brian Derbyshire Ribchester Grove Bolton