I WAS wondering if Bolton Council had been visited by the “tooth fairy” so to speak.

I am referring to the £6.5 million it’s going to spend on refurbishing the Albert Hall.

One minute they are crying poverty by closing various council-run amenities and then, lo and behold, £6.5m falls into the pot.

They have ruined the Market Hall and made a mess of Ashburner Street market. I think we should have sent the planners to Bury to see what a market should look like before they started on ours. Have you seen all the wasted space there is on the inside when you come in past Carrs Pasties, then you go out to see all the stalls undercover. How squashed together they are.

Right, are we all agreed we will have a try at ruining the Albert Hall, third time lucky. Watch this space.

Mrs Marjorie Melding Willows Lane Bolton