DO our politicians have no morality or shame whatsoever? Does nobody take responsibility any longer?

There is still a council member who failed to pay his council tax and is still refusing to admit it. However, this pales into insignificance when you consider the child abuse scandal in Rotherham.

Yet again we have politicians who talk round the problem, saying “It’s not just me”, but they were in charge at the time, it was their social services people who said that having sex with someone four times their age is a life choice.

I thought the age of consent was 16 and anything under that was illegal.

The police failed these children. We are talking about 1,400 and possibly a lot more.

Social Services failed them; politicians failed them, both locally and nationally. Why is it that no one will accept responsibility for failures?

We are living in a very evil world and everyone says: “We must learn lessons.” I am sick of hearing that phrase.

Even the charity Dr Barnardo’s is refusing to call for the resignation of the police commissioner, even though some of this happened on his watch as the councillor responsible for social services.

It is a disgrace for the chief executive of a children’s charity to say this. You cannot simply say that “this has nothing to do with me”. You are letting down these 1,400 children and every child in the country.

As for justice for the children, it is impossible until these people are brought to book.

I am ashamed of our leaders, our judiciary, and the police.

Whoever made these decisions should not be in positions of power; they are wicked and I'm so sorry for the children.

Ian Greenhalgh Bolton